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Sacral Capital's success and continued trust with investors and companies can be attributed to patience and wisdom when making decisions.

We focus on the following sectors: impact investments, fintech, blockchain, agro and greentech, cleantech, health, real estate, automotive, and aviation, where we possess deep aptitude and proven performance in helping companies build growth by presenting new mediums and network introductions, mitigating risks, and sprint their business models for global impact.

This is Sacral Capital's long-term value and commitment to our shareholders and clients.


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Before launching SC, the Founder, Brandi Kolosky, was Managing Director for a blockchain Venture Capital firm overseeing $400m in funding and SEC filings.

As well as an expert in marketing and public relations for global corporations for 16 years.

Expert at Packaging.

SC's presentations are of high quality and designed to tell your story to both types of investors who are either team focused or financials focused. SC has experience with filing SEC packages, as well as digital securities issuance in the cryptocurrency & tokenization industries.

Pro at Pitching.

SC is praised for forging trusting relationships and securing meetings; pitching and framing eloquently; while closing your raises from pre-seed to exit. SC's network spans globally of Angel Groups, HNWIs, Family Offices, Micro-VCs, VCs and Investment Bankers.

Focused on Closing.

The final stages of closing your capital are crucial. Too many days between followups leads to crumbling the relationship entirely.
SC manages the scheduling of your meetings, and assists with document preparation. In addition, coaching the team and founder before pitch calls. SC is known for thinking and acting like an investor, while simultaneously being your right-hand consultant.

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